zzZzz by Eyþór Björnsson

January 1st 2014: Z Day


When your name begins with the letter Z, you become used to being last in any kind of alphabetised list. Last in school roll-call, award ceremonies, last to receive anything that’s being handed out – and sometimes missing out!

That’s why a certain Tom Zager decided to mark January 1 – the first day of the year – as Z Day. It’s a day to give recognition to people or places who are often at the end of any lists. Today, we make them number one!

Z by Mary Hockenbery
Z by Mary Hockenbery
Used under a CC-BY 2.0 licence (thanks Mary!)


If your name begins with the letter Z, today is your day. Strut your stuff. Demand sandwiches and favours. Yell your name to the world! For today it is the first in the list! Or, given that it’s also New Year’s Day, you can decide to spend the day catching up on some ZZZs.

If you don’t have a name that begins with Z, today is the day to spoil your friends and family members that do. Make them Z-themed foods (zucchini is in season now in Australia, thank goodness) or better still, the infamous Zombie cocktail. Dress up as a cheerleader and chant “Give us a Z! Give us a Z!”. You know, just to be zany.

To commemorate places whose names begin with the letter Z, clearly travel to Africa is required, which has all the Z countries: Zimbabwe, Zambia and Zaire (shhhh, today ‘s Zaire and not the Democratic Republic of the Congo).

zzZzz by Eyþór Björnsson
zzZzz by Eyþór Björnsson
Used under a CC-BY 2.0 licence (thanks Eyþór!)

On the other hand, if international travel for one day doesn’t seem possible, you can always go to the zoo and see some zebras. Make sure you do the cheerleader chant for them too.

By the end of the day, you should have seen the letter Z so often that it looks really strange and feel like that couldn’t possibly be a real letter. I couldn’t find a term to describe this phenomenon, but I’m sure there’s a German word to describe it. And, of course, it should start with the letter Z.

z8mex by Karyn Christner
z8mex by Karyn Christner
Used under a CC-BY 2.0 licence (thanks Karyn!)


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