So, what is this site anyway?

Essentially, it’s a curated calendar of all the holidays, observances, occasions and outright silliness that I think are days of note. These can be official or traditional holidays, observances that were invented for a laugh (or for marketing), awareness campaigns, anniversaries or astronomical events.

There is a public calendar with the complete list available. Anyone can subscribe to it via the ICAL feed or by viewing the Google Calendar here. Along with the calendar, there is a blog discussing each of the events on the calendar and suggesting ways to celebrate them.

What do you mean by ‘curated’ calendar?

Exactly that. The events that appear on the calendar are specifically chosen by me, because I personally found them interesting, geeky, funny or just generally noteworthy. These events originate from all over the world – and in some cases, outer space – but there will be a bias towards Australian events (because that’s where I’m from) and U.S. events – since they have so many and are arguably the most well-known in the English-speaking world.

You may think that some of the events in my calendar are pointless. Or you may find that the calendar is missing entries that you think should be included.

On that particular note, let me say now that there are two types of events will never appear on this calendar:

Religious observances
I’m not religious myself and I’m not interested in promoting religions in any way. This means that all religious holidays and those with religious roots (like Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving) were left off this calendar. At any rate, they get enough free press and hardly need this calendar to promote them further.

Birthdays of living people
I don’t have a problem with celebrities or similarly famous people, but their status often changes while they’re alive, including whether they’re noteworthy or not. This isn’t a unique position. Google Doodles have never celebrated the birthday of a living person, no matter how notable (actually, they also don’t include religious holidays). Plus, I’m pretty bad at remembering actor’s and musician’s names, even if I do admire their work. Basically, it’s more trouble than it’s worth, so all birthdays on this calendar are those of deceased or fictional people.

If you notice a event that is missing from my calendar, these may be the reasons why. If not, and you feel I should know about another event, feel free to contact me with details.

So, you handpick all these calendar entries. Who are you, exactly?

My name’s Magda. I currently live in Melbourne, Australia. I’m just this person that reads a lot and probably spends too much time online. I can’t say whether my selection of ‘days of note’ will give you a warped idea of who I am…it probably will.

And why are you doing this?

I’ve been mentally collecting unusual holidays for many years now. It may have started as a child with the fact that my Polish family celebrated St. Nicholas’s feast day every December 6th (or rather, on the eve of December 6th). My Anglo-Australian school mates had never even heard of St. Nicholas’s feast day, so the relative uniqueness of this holiday always stuck with me.

Since then, unique holidays and observances have often grabbed my interest. For example, I always loved to hear about astronomical events like eclipses, solstices or equinoxes. I wrote International Talk Like A Pirate Day and Towel Day into my diary so that I’d remember to mark them each year. I also liked to celebrate other official holidays and festivals that had nothing to do with my country or culture, such as Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo or Japan’s hanami viewing festival.

Part of my interest was enjoying an opportunity to have a party and celebrate with friends, part of it was a chance to immerse myself in another culture – but most of all, it was interesting and fun. Wouldn’t you know it? Holidays are fun!

Sometime in late 2012, I came across this calendar of geeky dates. Many of the dates listed there overlapped with my own mental collection of unusual holidays but there were also many I hadn’t heard of before, which was exciting. The fact that someone had gone to the effort of collating these dates and publishing a public Google calendar prompted me to do the same.

Where did you learn about all these events?

Quite a few of them came from that geeky calendar I found. Others, I had known for years through the grapevine or social media. As I started working on this calendar though, I wanted to pad it out a bit more, and see if it was possible to make every day of the year a Day of Note. So, I researched online and I purchased a copy of Chase’s Calendar of Events. This book seems to be the go-to guide of all the holidays and observances in the United States (and a fair amount of international holidays too).

I’ve tried to cite my sources for all the events on this calendar, but as quite a few are simply jokes (like May 4th being Star Wars Day), it hasn’t always been possible. If you know of any extra information I’ve missed, feel free to contact me with the details.

Okay, so what now? What do I do with this calendar?

Subscribe to it! Add it to your own calendar and celebrate whichever events take your fancy. There will be blog posts for every calendar entry with ideas on how to mark the event. It’s a way to bring a little bit of colour to everyday life. It’ll certainly be more interesting than the daily grind of work, chores, eat, TV and sleep.

With this site, I’m out to show that every day can be a day of note.

every day will be a day of note